Christendom College 35th Anniversary

Christendom College recently held its 35th Anniversary Gala, and I was blessed to be a part of the evening’s event.  I provided some comments during a donor reception prior to the dinner.  It was a wonderful night.  

Read more about it here


“Ciskanik said that donors and sponsors are attracted to the college because of its commitment to an authentic Catholic liberal arts education, its refusal to accept federal funding, and its high-caliber alumni.

Alumnus Mark Rohlena, CEO of Catholic Charities of Central Colorado, addressed donors at a reception prior to the dinner, where he explained that his Christendom liberal arts degree enabled him to excel both as a lawyer and then as the leader of a non-profit organization.

‘While I would put the academics of Christendom College against any other school for helping its graduates learn to think, Christendom’s approach is much more than this,’ Rohlena said during his remarks. ‘The school’s mission is to create and train a vanguard of Catholic men and women who are equipped intellectually and spiritually to go out and meet the growing threat. Graduates are called to actively propose a counter-culture to the withering and stagnant culture that we see gaining strength all around us.'”

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~ by markrohlena on April 17, 2013.

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